Where is the Indestructible Student Chair best suited?

The Indestructible Chair is used across a variety of spaces in education.

Student Accommodation

Student flats or student dorm rooms are notoriously difficult places to get the furnishings right for.

The students are often there for a year or less and don’t often look after the furniture well. The indestructible Student Chair is ideal in this environment.

Classroom or seminar room

University seminar room or school classroom chairs have very heavy usage and are often not treated well. Leaning back, moving around and general mis-use are common in these environments.

They require a hardwearing chair which has minimal breakable parts. Perfect for the Indestructible Student Chair.

Computer Rooms

Computer rooms get consistent and heavy usage at colleges and universities. While they are used to study, they are also areas where students relax and need furniture to perform without constant change and maintenance.

The Indestructible Student Chair provides a robust solution for this environment.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting room chairs often bear the brunt of misuse in the corporate and educational sphere. Having a chair which is stable, has a fixed back and doesn’t allow for people to bend the chair backwards is extremely important.

Our Indestructible Student Chair is perfect for that.

Central Spaces

Central spaces give the opportunity for all in an educational environment to relax and work, but the chairs in that environment get heavy use and need to be sturdy.

The Indestructible Student Chair works perfectly in these areas.

Lecture Theatres

While many lecture theatres have fixed seating, that is not always the case, and for those lecture theatres who need additional seating, a hardwearing and long lasting chair is needed.

The Indestructible Chair is an ideal solution.


We have helped many libraries move away from uncomfortable wooden four legged chairs to a modern looking, moveable and comfortable chair by way of our Indestructible Student Chair.

Depending on whether carpeted or wooden floors are in situ we can accommodate with either “wheely” chairs or fixed glides which still allow the chairs to swivel.

Our Chair Features:

  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • A fixed back and no removable parts
  • Well-padded, fire retardant fabrics
  • Scratch resistant bases as standard
  • A choice of glide or castors
  • A tamperproof height adjustable gas lift

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